Action Desk: Pedestrians frustrated by inconsiderate drivers

Ecclesall road Car Park
Ecclesall road Car Park
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Motorists parking in a Sheffield shopping precinct are said to be causing misery for pedestrians by parking inconsiderately.

John Keen, who lives close to Berkeley Precinct, on Ecclesall Road, is a regular visitor to the shops there, but is sick and tired of the way some vehicles are parked.

Ecclesall road Car Park

Ecclesall road Car Park

More than a year ago he started noticing cars regularly parking over the footpaths, making it difficult for pedestrians to get past.

And on one occasion he saw a woman having to tip a pushchair almost on its side as she struggled to get past.

Mr Keen contacted the management agents to explain the situation and was told that they would look into erecting a barrier or putting up signs.

He said: “Over a year later there is no barrier and there are no signs, and still people park over the footpath every day.”


Action Desk contacted Lambert Smith Hampton, the managing agents of the site, to see what could be done to alleviate the situation.

Emma Gallagher, property management surveyor for the company, said that the parking contractor will be carrying out increased patrols in the area.

She said: “My colleague Marie Webster, facilities manager, was contacted some time ago by a visitor to Berkeley Precinct advising a large vehicle had parked overhanging the footpath, causing some restriction.

“We raised the issue with our car parking contractor and requested that they monitor the situation. I would like to highlight the fact that we have not received any complaints of this nature from any of the tenants of Berkeley Precinct.

“Our car parking contractor provides a number plate recognition system as well as carrying out daily patrols of the site. Tickets are issued to those vehicles who stay longer than the time limit and to those who park over the white lines and overhang the kerb.

“We are on site on a regular basis liaising with both residential and retail tenants and have on occasion noted vehicles overhanging the kerb.

“On these occasions we have contacted the parking contractor which has issued a ticket.

“We have been on site and spoken to all retail tenants and asked if this issue has ever been raised with them directly or if they are aware of this as an issue from working on site – the answer was no on both counts.

“The car park has three areas of footpath. Two of them have a very wide footpath and therefore this issue would not apply. The one footpath that could be affected is located on the exit road out of the car park.

“We have previously looked at installing low level barriers in this area but it was decided these would not be practical both due to the cost, which would be recoverable from both the residents and the retail tenants, and the potential trip hazard due to the footfall in this area.

“Posts we have previously had in place in the car park were constantly being damaged and had to be replaced.

“As a matter of courtesy we will be instructing the parking contractor to carry out an increased number of foot patrols on site to try and alleviate the issue.”