Action Desk: Kris is finally back in the picture after TV drama

Kris Maskery
Kris Maskery
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We help visually challenged woman enjoy programmes again after store’s repair delay

Kris Maskery was over the moon with her new 60-inch Samsung television. However, just over a year later her joy turned sour when it suddenly broke and would not switch on.

She went back to Currys PC World at Meadowhall Retail Park, Sheffield, where she had bought it from, to complain.

But several months later – and mix ups over collecting it for repair – Kris, who is registered blind, was nowhere nearer to getting the television repaired.

And to make matters worse, she was forking out £20 each time in taxi fares to visit the store and was forced to watch television on a small screen in the bedroom of her home.

Enough was enough. Kris had reached the end of her tether after going backwards and forwards to the retailer but to no avail – so contacted Action Desk for help.

Kris, of Morland Close, Gleadless Townend, said: “The store is doing nothing. They have more or less said ‘tough’. I’m having to watch television on a small screen sat in my bedroom when I have a 60-inch television in the living room, which I can’t move and doesn’t work.


Another quick result and a delighted reader.

The Star’s Action Desk contacted Currys PC World, which was happy to repair the television under the Sales of Goods Act.

A spokesman for the company said: “We were sorry to hear about Mrs Maskery’s issue with her television.

“The unit has now been examined and two faulty components within it replaced at no cost. The repaired television has been delivered back to Mrs Maskery. We believe her to be extremely happy with this resolution.”

The firm said customers who have issues with products and then find themselves in a similar situation to Kris should call its Knowhow team on 0344 561 1234.

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Water leak puts family visits on slippery slope

Kathleen Cooper’s visit to see her sister-in-law was becoming more dangerous each time she made her way to Heeley Green in Sheffield.

There had been a leak trickling over the footpath at the junction of Gleadless Road and Richard Road for more than two years.

But it was becoming more dangerous – the path was becoming slimy and algae was growing on it.

What was worse was that pedestrians were being forced to walk into a busy road to avoid slipping.

The pensioner said: “At one point you could step over it, but now you can’t. You have to step out into a very busy main road to avoid it.

“It has got to be more than two years that it has been like this. Just recently it has got a lot worse.”

Kathleen had had enough. She had reported the issue to Sheffield Council, but nothing had been done, so she turned to Action Desk for help.


Sheffield Council and Yorkshire Water workers visited the site to find the source of the leak - and days later the problem was fixed!

Coun Jack Scott, council cabinet member for environment, recycling and Streetscene: “This is a Yorkshire Water issue. They found the water on the path originated from a leak on the mains supply system and completed a repair to a nearby tap.

“This seems to have addressed the leak problem. The council has now cleaned up of the path and surrounding area, but we will continue to monitor the site to ensure this issue has been fully resolved.

“Thank you to The Star Action Desk for bringing this to my attention. ”

Green skip clarification

Last month, Action Desk published a story about a skip not being removed from a home in Sheffield

The company involved was Yorkshire Waste Care, The Green Skip Company,

We would like to clarify that this company has no links to the Green Skip Hire Ltd.

Improvements needed to halt rat infestation

Waking up to rat droppings on the tops of your kitchen units would not be a pleasant experience for anyone.

Kerry Ruddiforth and her partner Martin Rawson had been having problems with rats for two months when they contacted Action Desk.

Each morning, they would open the door to find their home in Nottingham Cliff, Burngreave, had been infested by rodents.

Environmental health officers from Sheffield Council visited the flat and put poison down, but were not preventing the rats from getting into the flat.

Martin said: “They are everywhere. They are coming in and running along the kitchen sides and leaving lots of droppings behind. You can hear them at night.

“I told the council where the rats were getting in. They are coming in behind the electricity box and you can clearly see that is how they are getting into the flat. All the council has done is put poison down.”


Sheffield Council has arranged for work to be done to stop the rats getting into the flat.

Coun Jack Scott, council cabinet member for environment, recycling and Streetscene, said: “Our environmental services officers have visited Miss Ruddiforth’s flat at Nottingham Cliff to investigate their complaint and to identify the possible source of any rodent infestation.

“Baits were set in the flat and a report given to the housing office, who in turn are organising for work to be carried out to help prevent access by rodents.

“It is clear there are some improvements urgently needed and we have asked for these to be checked out as soon as possible.”

Dad’s phone dispute after son’s death

Terence Hitchin took out a phone contract with Orange to make life better for his son Mark.

Mark was suffering from terminal throat cancer and Terence got him a phone in October 2012 so he could communicate with others by text. When he took out the 24-month contract, Orange said he could cancel the contract when his son passes away. Sadly, Mark passed away four months ago and since then Terence has been trying to cancel the contract.

But the £20.50 a month has continued to be taken out of his bank account by direct debit.

Terence has visited two stores, but was told there was nothing they could done and to contact customer services.

But Terence, of Deep Lane, Shiregreen, is partially deaf and cannot hear on the phone.

No-one else was able to speak to customer services on his behalf, because the contract was in his name.

He said: “I took the phone out in my name under the proviso that when he died it would finish. I have been on with this for four months. I don’t know what to do. I’ve got enough to deal with. The contract is meant to expire in October, but we live on a pension and £20.50 a month is a lot to us.”


After Action Desk contacted Orange, Terence received a letter bringing him good news, which he was delighted with.

With sincere condolences, the phone company agreed to cancel the contract and refund him for the last four months of payments.

An Orange spokesman said: “We have processes in place to ensure closing an account is as simple as possible following the death of a loved one.

“In this instance, the contract was taken out with a third party retailer and not directly with Orange. As soon as the circumstances were explained to us, we closed Mr Hitchin’s account and sent him a refund.”