ACTION DESK: Delays lead to identity crisis agony

Dave McNeely of Dinngton and his wife Maeve
Dave McNeely of Dinngton and his wife Maeve
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SINCE when was a passport an unacceptable form of identification?

Since grieving Dave McNeely tried to sort out his recently deceased wife’s accounts at Santander in Worksop.

Dave, aged 64, took in everything, he says, including her will, passports, birth certificates and Mave’s death certificate.

But instead of a smooth transfer of money to his account – according to her wishes – he was told he had to have his identity sworn on oath by a solicitor.

This hiccup was followed by delays which prevented the documents reaching the probate department until Dave chased them up.

In the end he says the whole process took four visits to the branch and 11 phone calls, at a time when he was devasted by the loss of Mave to cancer.

And he came away with the impression that Santander was in no hurry.

Dave, of Athorpe Grove, Dinnington, said: “Who did they think I was? An imposter? I was sat there with every conceivable document but they weren’t good enough.

“As far as I was concerned I had everything on that first visit. If I hadn’t chased it through I feel they would have left it dangling forever.”

SANTANDER has sent Dave £400 and McMillan Nurses £100 to say sorry.

A spokeswoman said: “We work very hard to ensure that we provide the best possible service at all times and it is clear that on this occasion we have fallen below the standard we aim to achieve.

“We have apologised to Mr McNeely for any distress this caused him at a difficult time and we will be making a £100 donation to a cancer charity in his late wife’s name, in addition to a goodwill payment to Mr McNeely.”