ACTION DESK: Cutting excess costs

Paul Hoyle of Road to Recovery with team
Paul Hoyle of Road to Recovery with team
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INSURANCE is the bitter pill facing every motorist - and the excess makes it even harder to swallow.

Not only do drivers pay through the nose for something they probably won’t use, they aren’t fully covered if they do.

Having to pay the excess is a neat way to deter people from making claims, while insurers take money for nothing.

But that could be changing thanks to a Barnsley businessman.

Entrepreneur Paul Hoyle has created a new financial product that aims to save money: insurance for your excess.

It works by allowing drivers to bring premiums down by opting for a high voluntary excess - potentially saving hundreds of pounds.

They then insure it for an average of £33 and in the event of a claim get the full excess back.

Paul’s company, Road To Recovery, was hailed business of the year 2011 by Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce after it created Pay As You Go breakdown recovery which now has 525,000 members. It also claims to offer the cheapest annual breakdown subscription at £18-a-year.

Paul said: “I’ve always been very angry about the cost of motoring. It didn’t seem fair that ordinary hard working people should be squeezed so hard just to be able to get to work or transport their families around. Breakdown cover in particular frustrated me because I knew the costs didn’t need to be so high and I could see the culture of fear that kept people paying over the odds for it. That’s why I decided to create a low cost alternative and it worked. People saved money and it still worked as a business.

“Recently, though happy with the difference it was making, I felt more was needed. As an SME business owner there’s little I can do about the cost of fuel and so I turned my attention to the other main cost of motoring – insurance. The idea of excess insurance is a clever one and has great synergy with the breakdown cover.”

The range includes excess insurance for home policies too and they all come with breakdown cover in the price. Go to