ACTION DESK: Banks in the firing line

Krystyna Russ and Witold Wojcik
Krystyna Russ and Witold Wojcik
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They said it was sorted– it wasn’t. Krystyna Russ has endured a re-run of problems with Lloyds bank after her account was hacked by Chinese fraudsters.

Back in spring, criminals had used her account to purchase 15 items worth £250 from Hong Kong company Power Logistics before the alarm was raised.

Krystyna, of Fairleigh, Manor Top, explained everything and the bank refunded the money and the charges it had applied– but then took it all back when she failed to fill out a fraud form.

Action Desk set the matter straight and the bank refunded the money and paid her £250 to say sorry.

And that was that– until last month when the bank took all the money again without warning.


A Lloyds spokeswoman said the problem was sorted again and they had paid Krystyna a further £100 to apologise again.

She added: “We are very sorry to learn of the difficulties Ms Russ had in relation to her claim and apologise for the distress and inconvenience this has caused.

“I am sorry to learn that Ms Russ’s account had been debited for the amount that was refunded earlier in the year. Unfortunately, the fraud declaration issued to Ms Russ to return was never received, which led to the payments being re-debited.

“I can confirm we have refunded the payments and another declaration has been issued. So long as this is returned, the payment will not be debited.

“Ms Russ has received a further £100 in recognition of any upset or inconvenience this may have caused.“