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I give the ACSD award to Judge Robert Moore for thinking about the people who were robbed and not listening to the rubbish peddled by Amy Earnshaw, defending.

I was born in the war years and had to get a job at 15 years old.

I didn’t save valuables but history, coins of the monarchy to lean and when they were stolen he did not care, when my camera containing my past was stolen he did not care and the police did not care.

They told me there was no evidence even though they had the culprit in their hands for another offence.

Today I would gladly chop the culprits fingers off and serve time for my actions.

They bought new clothes and caught taxis to fetch their takeaways and did not think I was watching them.

I do however take umbrage at the comment made by the judge when he said “I don’t care”.

The probation service don’t understand the seriousness of house burglary in these parts of Sheffield.

Does that mean he condones burglary on Parson Cross I’d like to think not.

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