Accused killer ‘confessed crime to former partner’

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THE ex-partner of a man accused of murder told a jury the alleged killer ‘controlled her life’ and subjected her to violent beatings during their relationship.

Lee Gray, aged 32, died instantly after he was shot in the head at point-blank range as he slept beside his partner and three-year-old son –in a case of mistaken identity.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Martin Fieldhouse, 29, crept into Mr Gray’s home on Greenwood Avenue, Worsbrough Dale, Barnsley, and blasted him with a sawn-off shotgun, mistaking the victim for his own brother.

The prosecution says Fieldhouse admitted pulling the trigger shortly afterwards to his ex-partner, Terri Kenworthy, but later rang her to deny making the confession.

Terri told the court: “He would always do that. He would make out he was lying, even though he wasn’t really. That’s what he’s like.”

She said she met Fieldhouse in the Soviet bar in Barnsley in about February 2010.

Terri said: “I was deeply in love with him and then the relationship went wrong.

“Martin was all right to start with and progressively got more controlling. He was a bully. I took a lot of beatings from that man. ”

“That man controlled every ounce of my life. He threatened to kill me.”

Fieldhouse, of Derwent Crescent, Athersley South, denies murder, claiming his older half-brother Michael was responsible.

Michael was staying with Mr Gray at the time of the killing.

Fieldhouse allegedly went to Greenwood Avenue thinking Mr Gray would be out, and fired the fatal shot when he saw the figure of a man in bed – wrongly assuming he had caught his brother having an affair with Mr Gray’s partner.

Fieldhouse claims Michael killed Lee over an £80,000 drugs debt.

He says his brother had offered to cancel the debt if Mr Gray took responsibility for causing a car crash that happened hours before the shooting in March last year.

Terri said: “Mick has never threatened me or been untoward towards me.”

The trial continues.