Accused denies sex with girl, 13

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A man accused of having sex in a hotel with a 13-year-old runaway from Sheffield told a jury she had pleaded with him to spend the night with her.

Mohammed Shapal, aged 22, is accused of sleeping with the teenager in Bradford after she ran away from home in Sheffield last summer.

It is alleged he and two other men sexually exploited the underage girl by having sex with her.

The prosecution claims Shapal and Shakeal Rehman, 26, both from Bradford, picked up the teenager as she walked around the streets, and took her to a hotel.

It is alleged Rehman raped her before leaving the premises and that, afterwards, Shapal turned up, stayed the night and had consensual sex with her.

Giving evidence in his defence at Sheffield Crown Court, Shapal - who denies having sexual intercourse with the girl - told the jury the teenager had told him she was 17.

He said they had gone to get a takeaway, and that the teenager had pleaded with him to stay the night with her.

“On the way to get food, she was asking if I would stay with her the night,” he said.

“She didn’t know anyone at the hotel. She kept on pleading and pleading with me to stay.”

He said the girl told him she had arrived in Bradford to meet her boyfriend, but he’d stood her up and she was in the city on her own.
He claims she also told him she’d previously lost a baby.

“I felt sorry for her,” he said. “I didn’t want to leave her in such a state. She didn’t know anyone so I said I would stay the night.”

Shapal told the jury he had no intention of anything sexual happening, but then they got into bed and started kissing and cuddling.

“She looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I love you, I want to get married to you, I want to have a baby with you’, he said.

“I thought it was a bit strange – I didn’t really know her.”

The trial continues.