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I am writing in relation to the article headed ‘Three falls on road caused by tree roots claims bosses’ in today’s Star, Saturday, June 20.

I am pleased that you’ve managed to get some facts and figures from the Streets Ahead team regarding the number of injuries caused by, and complaints about, the tree roots disturbing the pavements on Rustlings Road.

Did they also provide you with the evidence to support these claims? Did you ask to see the evidence? The ‘Save Our Rustlings Trees’ group have asked a number of times for the precise figures, and related evidence, for the number of complaints and injuries and have, so far, not received any response.

Even if the information provided is correct (“three complaints had been made in two years” and “We have received a number of complaints of trips and falls due to these tree roots in the last two years.”) this is statistically insignificant related to the number of people who have walked/run along Rustlings Road over the two year period mentioned.

For example, each Saturday morning over five hundred runners take part in an event consisting of two laps of a circuit which includes the full length of this road. I doubt if these figures are any worse than on any road with the same footfall in Sheffield.

While canvassing in Endcliffe Park we talked to a mother whose young daughter had grazed knuckles. She said she had tripped on the pavement outside her house. No, not on Rustlings Road, but on the newly laid (by Amey) tarmac pavement on an adjoining street!

While I would not belittle anybody’s injuries, accidents do happen!


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