Abuse over mum’s fertility plan

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A SHEFFIELD mum who hopes to freeze her own eggs for her infertile daughter has hit back after receiving “nasty” messages.

Mackenzie Stephens, aged two, has the rare Turner Syndrome, which causes infertility.

Mum Penny Jarvis-Stephens, of Hackenthorpe, wants to freeze her eggs so Mackenzie has the choice of using them for IVF treatment.

Penny, 25, said abusive messages were posted on parenting website ParentDish UK.

“The worst ones were when they were nasty towards Mackenzie. They said she was handicapped. They actually called her ugly as well as my other children.

“They also said, ‘when Mackenzie’s deaf how will she look after a child of her own?’ Just think about the situation before you judge me. Think about why I’m doing it.”