Abbeydale Grange was a great school in its day

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In reply to Mr PG’s letter printed in The Star, June 22, referring to Abbeydale Grange School. Mr PG said he saw one man repeatedly punched in the face for asking them to calm down?

He was referring to Abbeydale Grange Students, did he go to the man’s help and did the police attend the incident?

I have no recollection of it and I worked on the school for 38 years and incidents like that always get picked up by the media.

I will agree that the school did have a lot of problems with some of the students but the school also had a lot of good students and they never get a mention.

Abbeydale had its best years in the 70s, 80s, 90s, but when the Sixth Form closed the intake dwindled and because of this parents looked for alternative schools to send their children.

Due to the falling numbers, the Upper School Building was also closed and everyone moved into the Lower School on Hastings Road.

In the 70s, 80s, and 90s the heads, teachers and governors were all dedicated to the running of the school and the students were dedicated too.

But even when the school was in its heyday, the council tried to close it.

This carried on for years, because of the school grounds, where houses could be built and money could be made.

The teachers and non-teaching staff worked really hard right up to the school closing, but at the end of the day if the management fail, they take everyone down with them.

For Mr PG’s information, vandalism, fires, graffiti, glass and beer cans littering the school playing fields, were only a few of the incidents I attended but none of them were caused by Abbeydale Grange students.

In fact, the youngest vandal was an eight-year-old who smashed quite a few windows in the Art Block.

Abbeydale Grange was a great school in its day and the grounds had a lot of history. Sadly, that has now gone for ever.

S Day

Site manager (retired)