A young man to be proud of

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A special word of praise for a young man who has done something positive to help his community.

Adil Mohammed, aged 13, was behind a petition highlighting concerns that Sheffield Council would turn his local youth club into a car park for a controversial new ‘super school’ on the site of Tinsley Recreation Ground.

It is heartening to hear how passionate Adil is about the cause. His efforts could lead to the popular centre being expanded.

We’re often told that young people don’t care for much beyond their games console or whichever reality show is the flavour of the month.

But the reality is different. Most are conscientious, interested in the world around them and have hopes and dreams for their futures rather than worries and anxieties.

Our young are continually having the goalposts shifted with regards to their education and then when they do pass their exams they’re told their grades don’t mean as much as they did years ago.

Adil is already deputy Member of Youth Parliament for Sheffield East and is someone his peers will look up to.

Not all young people will share his drive but we’re sure there are more than the average person will give credit to.