A waste of time, money and resources

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I sympathize with AM from Hillsborough regarding the dentist palava.

We have been in that situation. These so-called professionals must know that the excruciating and miserable pain of toothache doesn’t go away with tablets, it usually needs an extraction or antibiotics, if an abscess is present, and toothache doesn’t always come on between Monday and Friday, 9am to 5pm.

It infuriates me that supermarkets are open round the clock, you can go shopping in a mall and buy anything after dark, there is a walk-in health centre open till 10pm ‘that doesn’t deal with dental problems’, so why isn’t there a walk-in dentist?

Also, what is the point of an emergency dentist where you have to make an appointment and apparently there are only eight appointments available for that day.

How can anyone be assessed over the phone? Toothache is toothache, when the person is suffering assessment doesn’t come into the equation?

Usually when someone rings the emergency dentist they are not after tooth whitening, they are genuinely in need of emergency pain relief and will most likely have taken all the pain killers they have in the house before resorting to the dentist line.

I agree it’s a waste of money, time and resources.