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IT’S a festival made in Sheffield which showcases this city’s talents to the world.

The Global Manufacturing Festival is a growing event which offers Sheffield - and the country - a chance to project itself and its skills.

This city plans to be the place to be for anything hi-tech and by attracting more delegates from overseas as well as the UK, its hopes are well-founded.

There is also a focus on sectors where the UK is taking the lead, including advanced manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas, medical devices and low carbon energy.

As the Master Cutler told delegates, Sheffield has a proud tradition of skills and craftsmanship and possesses the skills to manufacture hi-tech components for world markets.

To prove we can do it, listen to the boss of Boeing, Sir Roger Bone.

He named the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre as the global model for linking hi-tech research and manufacturing. His words must have been music to the ears of the city’s manufacturing community.

Especially when he said Sheffield has a great deal to demonstrate to the academic community, not just in this country but globally, too.

But both Sir Roger and the Master Cutler know we cannot be complacent.

This country must continue to invest in research, development and human skills if it wants to retain its place as the most significant aerospace manufacturing centre in the world, after the US.

Let us hope the Global Manufacturing Festival serves to highlight this fact and act as a springboard for investment in our region.

It is much needed and is the one surefire way of creating the jobs our proud and skilled workforce richly deserve.

Becky’s bravery is inspirational

GETTING the bus is something many of us do every day without much thought.

But when Becky Marsh stepped onto a service this month in Doncaster, it was a watershed moment.

Her story makes inspiring reading. In 2008, she almost died after a car crashed into her at a bus stop in Doncaster.

Becky is still living with the consequences of her injuries. They would have ruined the life of a lesser mortal.

But she took a huge step forward in terms of self-confidence by braving her fears, standing at a bus stop and getting on board the service into town.

It was a huge moment for her and one for which she deserves our utmost admiration and respect.

Well done Becky, your courage is exceptional.