A sheltered life

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Such a sheltered life young Ron leads (Retro).

I can think of at least two more Robin Hood pubs, one at Aughton and the other is on the right going into Baslow from the Chesterfield road.

Alan Turner

Living under laws

The reason politicians want to be re-elected is because they would hate to make a living under the laws they make.

Name and address supplied

Dead-end chippy job

While driving past Sheffield University and the Hallamshire Hospital area on my way to and from the wonderful Saint Luke’s Hospice to visit my dear wife, after her treatment for cancer at the Hallamshire and Weston Park hospitals, I couldn’t help noticing the scores of students thronging the pavements while going about their business and studies.

I fervently hope that, unlike some young people of my acquaintance, including one of my grandchildren, they aren’t wasting time trying to get the knowledge they require to further a worthwhile career, only to finish by having to take a dead-end job in a chip-shop or supermarket - that is if they can find any kind of employment!

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield