A sad day in the history of Sheffied markets

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Next Saturday, November 23 is perhaps the saddest day in Sheffield’s long and distinguished history.

From the very first settlement at the place where the rivers Don and Sheaf meet our citizens have come together to trade and converse.

Over the years we have always had our markets on this spot.

In my own lifetime that has included the Rag and Tag, The Norfolk Market Hall, The Sheaf Market, The Fish Market, Dixon Lane stalls, The Corn Exchange and various other smaller ones.

Next Saturday we will lose this thousand-year-old tradition with the closure of The Castle Market.

Now the area has not only been a place to trade it has also been the main meeting area for our citizens over this long time.

This tradition has now been ended by the council and planners ably backed by various so called historical societies who seem to think that our citizens who use and love the market area will somehow prefer to look into a hole in the ground that may or may not contain the remnants of what was a castle.

Well, time will tell, but time will not forgive this blatant disregard of what the majority of our citizens want and that is the Sheffield that we and previous generations all grew up in an area that was the very heart of our city.

So it’s goodbye to the Castle Market and the end of tradition.

Judd Newton

by email