A rich man’s club

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Sheffield has to make £50 million in cuts.

The city council would like the 1 in 12 (and rising) who is jobless with no hope of a job, the homeless with no hope of a home, the elderly who have had winter fuel benefit cut and living in under-heated homes, with the energy companies bringing in the newest round of rip-off prices to decide where the Tory multimillionaires’ axe should fall.

Just how pathetic can so-called leaders of this city get? No hint of criticism of the Tory thieves in London.

For once; try to pretend you’re socialist instead of just there for the money. Cuts are a long way from being necessary, how come we are supposed to be hard up?

n We lend £40 billion to the IMF and £9 billion to Eire.

n Top executives of businesses have had a 50% increase in wages.

n A top banker earlier this year got a bonus of £12.5 million.

n We are paying more than £40 million a day into the EU for them to decide half of our laws for us.

n We are spending billions on illegal wars.

And then all but 20 of the Labour MPs voted with the Tory MPs to keep us in that rich man’s club – the EU!

It was once Labour policy to withdraw from the EU – the only thing that’s changed is it’s got more power, it wants yet more power and it’s costing us a lot more.

The pathetic response to the above by Sheffield Council is to ask the hard pressed, stressed Sheffielders what facilities should we close? What people should we sack?

It’s a bit like asking the hangman of his next client ‘what quality and length of rope would you like me to use?’

The politics of Sheffield City Council past and present have the class politics of the self server.

Cliff Wright, High Matlock Rd