A little less of the Riot Act

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Paul License’s visit to the recycling plant closely resembled my own experience.

For a number of years I used a dumpit site, as it was called in those days, for items outside the ‘free collection’ service and was always met by very pleasant men who came over to me as I started to unload the car boot with a: “Leave it to us love, this is what we’re here for.”

Fast forward two - perhaps three - years, and the last time I went I drove onto the site, unloaded and then proceeded to take the items each to their respective containers and deposit them, sometimes with difficulty, as one or two pieces were heavy and had to be lifted over my head to drop them into the container.

I was 83-years-old at the time, but did manage to do it.

However, if I had fallen, would the ‘onlookers’ have been allowed to come to my assistance? I would like a ruling on this please, from the site manager, if he can manage this with a little less of the Riot Act than was directed at Paul License!

DG Maw, Graham Road, S10

Can’t buy brains

Well done to modest George Lee for earning his seven A-levels. How many of the rich kids who go to Eton and other privileged establishments can boast the same?

You see, Cameron and co, you can’t buy brains but if you’re very dim but rich you can buy position in life. How many clever kids have been denied a further education by raising university fees?

Marlene Troon, Hallam