A little help was all it needed, Tesco

Tesco's profits are up
Tesco's profits are up
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I read Tesco’s UK profits are up by 1.5 per cent.

Things will not be so healthy at their store in Barnsley now my step-sister’s taken her weekly shop elsewhere,

After 15 years of trundling its aisles she’s steaming - over a £5 cover for her ironing board.

A bargain, she thought - until she discovered it was too small. She took it back to customer services, only to be told, by a woman she says hello to every week, the covers had been reduced to 79p. She had no receipt, so that was all they could give her. Policy.

Do I look like the kind of customer who would try to rip you off for £4.21, she said. No; but policy, they said.

Every little helps, does it? How about allowing the managers to use a little common-sense and judgement?