A little gem of a pub

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After more than 50 years of walking past, waiting near and talking about, I finally went in what is known as ‘Bottom o’ Lane’, the Norfolk Arms. Just walking in the place made me realise it’s something I should have done years ago. It’s the old type of pub I remember that my dad used. In fact he did frequent this little jewel.

The only reason Mary (my wife) and I went in on Saturday was to see a very good friend and his dad who have used the Bottom o’ Lane for years.

It’s full of characters from everywhere. Mary is Irish and is always happy to see people from the Old Country. In the corner was a really nice chap from Cork, Matt and he insisted on buying Mary a drink. What a nice bloke. We also met a chap who is happily living in Sheffield who comes from Tenerife.

You can understand why this pub does better than others in the area. The conversation was great and just sitting and looking around to see all the characters in the pub was fantastic.

I don’t know if it was an accident or divine intervention but we saw a couple of old friends we hadn’t seen for years!

The landlord kept himself busy collecting glasses and passing the odd remark to customers...just doing what good landlords do. I must state that he keeps a very good pint of John Smiths and his Stones is like the mythical ambrosia of the gods.

We’ll definitely visit Bottom o’ Lane more often and thanks to Phil and his dad Tommy for enlightening me about this little gem.

By the way the Norfolk Arms is at the bottom of Dixon Lane.

Vin Malone, S14