A healthy way to go shopping

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why not introduce medical checkouts at supermarkets where, if you’re a tad under par, you can lie down on the conveyor and get a scan.

All your body parts would have bar codes so the scanner can detect how healthy you are and which parts need tweaking or removing.

The prescription is automatically made out... and get points on your club card.

This would take considerable pressure off the NHS and the supermarket can follow up by prescribing healthy food along with medication.

Maybe this can be developed through ‘five illnesses or under’ checkouts, or a private queue-jump arrangement where you forfeit your club card points but get priority.

Jeremy Biggin, Sheffield

AT supermarkets, you not only serve yourself, but now they’ve introduced self-payment outlets. How long will it be before they have the customers stacking shelves?

EB Warris, S14