A godless country

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As is well known in recent months two ladies have been suspended from their positions for having the temerity to wear small crosses as a symbol of their Christian faith.

They are now appealing to the Court of Human Rights in Brussels.

Most reasonable people, including those who follow other faiths, will hope that they will be successful.

The latter would not like to be penalised for wearing apparel which denotes their own faith.

I am assured by those who are close to the Muslim community, for example, that they do not at all object at all to Christians proclaiming their faith in this manner.

Therefore let us abandon this myth and look to the real reason for the discrimination against Christians which is currently to be found in our country.

The truth is that the vast majority of the population are agnostic or even atheistic.

British tolerance is just another expression for indifference.

The great Christian festivals have become merely an excuse for overindulgence in booze or chocolate. People display very little reference to the episodes in the life of Jesus which they commemorate.

In short, Britain has largely become a godless country.

This is despite the protestations we hear from our Prime Minister who, while proclaiming his allegiance to Christ, is content to advocate laws which are evidently quite contrary to those of God.

Despite all this, a growing number of us are practising Christians.

The Scottish Cardinal has urged everyone who is of this mind to wear a cross to work.

I fully agree with this.

And I also sincerely hope that other Christian leaders will support this suggestion.

Lets do it! They can’t sack us all, can they?

Valerie Brock, Sheffield