A few trees

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Am I the only person who is sick of listening to a bunch of middle class environmentalists getting in a froth about a few trees? With all that’s happening in the city is this non-story going to rumble on and on and on and on?

If the trees are causing problems cut them down. As long as others are planted to replace them what will it matter? The council aren’t planning to clear a rain forest or plant a hundred acres of GM crops within the city boundaries. They’re not planning to dump millions of gallons of crude oil into the Tinsley Canal. It’s a few trees.

It won’t be too long before the protesters have a candle-lit vigil in Encliffe Park and every year have a remembrance service in the Sheffield Cathedral and to celebrate the trees lives with a nut cutlet or veggie burger.

Please, enough is enough. I’m beginning to see the benefits of Dutch Elm disease.

Frank Sidney

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