A clear choice for protecting the NHS

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In a few days we will be asked to vote in what could be the most crucial election in our lifetimes. The choice is crystal clear for myself and the majority of people who rely on our wonderful NHS in time of need.

This jewel in our crown was brought into being in 1948 during Mr Atlee’s Labour administration under the then minister of health Aneurin Bevan, all of this was bitterly opposed by Mr Churchill and the Tories, who believed that this was not affordable or for that matter a necessity. But despite this opposition it was achieved and people no longer needed to be afraid to visit a doctor because they couldn’t afford it ( it really must have felt like heaven to have care from cradle to grave). Perhaps we take it for granted now but ordinary people really did die through want of care.

Now of course we have Mr Cameron and his buddy Mr Clegg, privatising huge parts of our health service without any mandate, to its huge detriment and our loss of services.

Prior to the 2010 election staff morale in the NHS was high and the satisfaction rating from patients was extremely high, but now staff morale is at rock bottom and patients are faced with a service which is going backwards for lack of investment.

No matter the platitudes uttered by Cameron in 2010 about the NHS being safe in his hands, the exact opposite has proved to be true. Basically you cannot trust the Tories with the NHS. You just don’t get it Mr Cameron , the NHS was never set up to create a profit for fat cat investors, it’s there to care for people in time of need.As for UKIP they would like to see a system based on America’s.

To think of the unholy alliance of a minority Tory government in cahoots with UKIP is dreadful in the extreme, the Tories right wing and UKIP even more extreme right wing.

The EU does so many good things for the workers, especially regarding health and safety and conditions of service. Could that be one of the reasons Farage loathes it so much?

The only party who really cares about our NHS and always has done is the Labour party. Please think about this on Thursday.

Paul Ratcliffe

Richmond, Sheffield