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Sheffield entrepreneur michael Bell has set up city-based business mentoring school The Results Hub
Sheffield entrepreneur michael Bell has set up city-based business mentoring school The Results Hub
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Colleagues regularly wonder why I appeared nonplussed when they proudly show me their collection of business cards.

They’d have them nicely archived, there’d be literally hundreds of them and they’d offer them as a good representation of the amount of business they could expect in the future.

I’d pick a couple out and ask for a bit more information about the individual involved and any business they’d done with them.

The answer was always the same; it was someone they’d met at a networking group – they’d rarely remember which one – and they’d not done any business with them.

And that’s why I don’t believe the majority of networking groups are fit for purpose.

They follow the same formula – forced conversation, a couple of pitches by a couple of businesses and a lot of uneasy looking people.

If you look carefully you’ll spot faces you know as it’s normally the same set of people going to every meeting (and normally going round in circles in their business in much the same way).

That’s why I tried to do something different in the shape of my monthly Late Late Breakfast event.

The one thing that got me to where I am today is personal development – improving the way I do things to improve the overall outcomes for my business. I continue to have coaching to this day.

I bet most of you have never used it and that’s why you’ve either never taken the plunge into starting your own business or your business is in a rut.

I impart the knowledge I’ve amassed over the years at the Late Late Breakfast and bring in fantastic speakers.

There is an element of networking but my format is aimed at allowing you to alter your thinking and to get business as a result.

You’ll get to hear things like ensuring you split your day into time compartments. Do this by not worrying about yesterday or think about tomorrow.

Rid yourself of ‘drain people’ – the people that drain away your energy by means of their attitude. Liars will lie, cheaters will cheat and complainers will continue to complain!

Find out how we can improve your business by coming along to the Late Late Breakfast: helen.sweet@theresultshub.co.uk