9/11 Memories: ‘You just couldn’t take it in’ - VIDEO

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It was a day that stunned the world – a day which everyone can look back on and remember where they were when they heard the news.

And, though South Yorkshire may have been an ocean apart from the devastating horrors which came to be known as 9/11, the shock and sadness still ran deep.

Terry Dooley: You just couldn't take it in.

Terry Dooley: You just couldn't take it in.

Ten years on, readers of The Star said it seems unbelievable a decade has passed since the Twin Towers in New York were destroyed.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch more of your 9/11 memories in our special video report.

Terry Dooley, aged 72, from Walkley, said: “I was talking on the telephone. When I put the TV on I saw the second aeroplane crash into a skyscraper live on TV.

“You just couldn’t take it in, that it was real.

“It was awful – you couldn’t believe it.”

Sandra Chapman, 65, from Rotherham, said her memories of the day were still very vivid.

“I can’t really believe it’s been 10 years,” she said. “I was at work as a housekeeper. A roofer there ran down and said to switch the telly on.

“We sat for the whole day and watched it. It was unbelievable.

“You were just stunned at first – we saw the second plane hit.

“We watched it all unfold.”

Bob Taylor, 67, from Shiregreen, Sheffield, was in a supermarket when the news came on the store’s television screens.

He said: “I watched footage of the planes going into the towers over and over again – they just kept showing it.

“I wasn’t until I got home, and could watch with the sound on, that I fully realised what was going on and the scale of it all.”

David Eastwood, in his 50s, from Frecheville in Sheffield, said: “I was at work when it happened and I didn’t get to hear about it until about 4pm in the afternoon.

“When somebody told me, I was so shocked.

“I couldn’t really believe what was going on, or that all the flights between here and America were grounded.”

Hazel Ridley, 66, from Grenoside, was on holiday in Norfolk when she saw the pictures of events in New York on the television in her caravan.

She said: “It was shocking, and you just felt so distraught about it all.”

And Sheila Whittaker, 77, from Walkley, said: “It was dreadful – a terrible tragedy. It makes you feel sick.

“Even now you can’t imagine it, even when you see it on TV. It still just doesn’t seem real.”

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