£86,000 bill for drug duo

Shabbir Afsar
Shabbir Afsar
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TWO members of a family-run cannabis production gang who cultivated £56,000 of the drug from properties in Sheffield have been ordered to pay back more than £86,000 to the authorities.

Shabbir Afsar, aged 28, his brother Shakeel Afsar, aged 29, and Shakeel’s girlfriend Praphatsorn Wacharaluecha, aged 26, were jailed last year for a total of eight years, three months, for their parts in producing six kilograms of skunk - the most potent form of cannabis.

Praphatsorn Wac

Praphatsorn Wac

Now a judge at Sheffield Crown Court has ruled Shabbir Afsar and Wacharaluecha benefited from their crimes to the tune of £86,016 and ordered them to pay the money back.

Afsar must pay £15,008 within 28 days or go to jail for a further 28 days.

Wacharaluecha must pay £71,008 back within six months or face a further eight months in prison.

Graham Wragg from South Yorkshire Police’s economic crime unit said: “Shabbir Afsar was involved in the production of cannabis and was found to have benefited to the tune of £15,000.

“He currently only has assets amounting to £932 but we will continue to look for his assets to ensure that he will not benefit from his criminality.”

Shakeel Afsar, of Harney Close, Darnall, is due in court in June for a confiscation hearing in relation to his assets.

At their original trial the court heard the trio grew skunk plants at addresses in Industry Road and Harney Close, Darnall.

It was estimated the yield would have produced cannabis with a street value of £56,000.

When officers raided the properties they found 43 plants, hydroponic equipment and bundles of cash around the house in Harney Close totalling £119,000.

Shakeel Afsar was locked up for four years for conspiracy to supply cannabis, possessing criminal property and transferring criminal property.

Wacharaluecha, of Harney Close, was jailed for 15 months for conspiracy to supply the drug and possession of criminal property while Shabbir Afsar, of Industry Road, Darnall, was given three years for conspiracy to supply.