30 pieces of silver

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Tory Alistair Burt earns his 30 pieces of silver.

Our political system and particularly the Tory party should hang their heads in shame following Mr Burt’s talking to death a bill to procure cheap cancer drugs for our NHS.

Not only did he talk Labour’s health bill for Off-Patent Drugs Bill by Labour MP Nick Thomas-Symonds to death.

I fear Mr Burt has also talked many current and future cancer suffers to death having wilfully prevented access to cheaper drugs freeing up scares NHS resources to pay for more staff and better facilities.

Mr Burt earned his 30 pieces of silver in Parliament with his filibustering and only weeks after the Tories talked a bill for free hospital parking for carers to death.

We expect better from our Parliamentarians and the Tories clearly hold us all in contempt.

This shameful behaviour is a betrayal of our NHS and us, the people they claim to represent.

Mark Jones