£2 9s 7d sarnie!

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Feeling a little peckish, I visited the Huntsman dining room at the Northern General. Without paying too much attention I selected a ham salad sandwich.

When I got to the payment point I found, to my horror that it had cost me £2 9s 7d! I consider myself fortunate that the shock didn’t kill me. At the very least being charged this much for a sandwich could well have seen me being taken on a trolley to A&E… clutching my ham salad sandwich, of course. Do these people know that Dick Turpin was hanged? Thank God I didn’t order steak and chips.

Colin Jukes, Jordanthorpe

Helped me after I fell in street

I AM the lady who tripped and banged my face on the pavement in Fulwood on the morning of Feb 9 and would like to thank the following.

The lady walking in front of me who stayed until others arrived; the bus driver who stopped to ask if I needed an ambulance or to be taken anywhere, the lady who got off the bus (on her way to visit her mother) and called for paramedics and stayed until they arrived, the friend (Angela) who happened to be passing and brought cushion and blanket from her home; the four gents who stopped their cars and came to see if I needed assistance and of course Rashid, the paramedic whose professional appraisal was carried out with courtesy, care, kindness and humour. Happily, I’m none the worse.

JB, S10

Prickly problem

reading about the security fencing behind a hawthorn hedge on Blackstorck Road led me to agree with Bob McCann. It will not keep out vandals as there is another entrance on Constable Road, for children to get to the football area. As the hedge is hawthorn I can’t imagine people wanting to climb through as it would be very prickly. There are more important things to spend money on than blocking holes in hawthorn hedges.

GV estate resident