£2.8m for statue is far too much

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As I read the Star today I was shocked at how many people were trying to raise money.

St Luke’s Hospice is raising money to stay open, 50 horseriders raise money for safe@last and Helen’s Trust, Macmillans Cancer Trust are having a music night, a woman who has just finished cancer treatment is raising money by doing a sponsored walk for Weston Park, Kelvin Media Productions need a 75% increase in funds to stay open, garden events are taking place to raise money for a local church, a man is cycling 110 miles in a day to raise money for for Cancer Research, a woman is doing the Three Peak Challenge to try and raise £1,000 for Alzheimer’s Society, a schoolgirl is doing a sponsored walk to rais emoney for Helping Hands Dog Rescue Centre, X-ray machines worth £250,000 have been bought by The Children’s Hospital to help 20,000 children, 1,300 women have done a midnight walk for Barnsley Hospital and are expected to raise more that £100,000.

All this is found on pages 1-20, that is not even half of the newspaper.

Sheffield Council didn’t fund any of this, it was all done by the public.

Sheffield Council are collecting tax debts of £26.5 million that weren’t paid off in the past 12 years and are helping to pay for a statue of a steel man which will cost £2.8 million.

To have a landmark would be good, but we had one The Tinsley Towers, they were knocked down.

All the people and charities that actually need money could be saved, but Sheffield Council want a steel man outside Meadow Hall.

Surely £2.8 million is too much, when there are all these charities begging for help?

Couldn’t we have had a cheaper landmark and share this money? It doesn’t make sense!

Charlotte Porter, aged 13, Westwick Crescent