£1m in fines at Sheffield bus gates

Granville Road bus lane camera
Granville Road bus lane camera
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SHEFFIELD Council has made more than £1 million over 19 months in fines from bus gate and bus lane enforcement at just six locations.

The amount of money received each month in fines has increased by 36 per cent this year, compared with 2010, as cameras have been switched on at more locations.


Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show the extent of the authority’s income from cameras which snare drivers breaking the rules.

Between January and December last year, the council received £601,227 in fines - an average of £50,102 per month, for enforcement of the Wicker, Bridge Street and Hillsborough Corner bus gates, plus Glossop Road bus gate, where enforcement started in June 2010.

In January this year, however, cameras were also installed to monitor bus lanes on Queens Road and Granville Road.

The total fines collected in 2011 up to the end of July stood at £478,156 - £68,308 per month on average, and 36 per cent higher than last year.