18 facts you need to know about the Syrian refugee crisis

Huge numbers of people are fleeing the civil war in Syria
Huge numbers of people are fleeing the civil war in Syria
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Sheffield Council has announced it is to rehome around 10 Syrian families caught up in the refugee crisis.

Here are some facts and figures about the crisis...

* The Syria crisis began when a civil war broke out in 2011

* At the time the war broke out the population of Syria was 23 million

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* More than 100,000 Syrian civilians have been killed in the fighting in the last four years

* Since 2011 half the population - 11 million people - have been displaced

* Two million refugees are currently in Turkey

* Just over one million Syrian refugees are in Lebanon

Sheffield to ‘immediately’ open doors to Syrian refugees

* Jordan has taken in more than 600,000 Syrian refugees

* 250,000 displaced Syrians are now in Iraq

* Another of Syria's neighbours, Egypt, has taken in more than 100,000 refugees

* The United Nations estimates around 7.6 million refugees are displaced within Syria

* Three years ago a refugee camp was set up in the middle of the Jordanian desert - it is now Jordan's fourth biggest city with a population of more than 80,000 Syrians living in tents

* More than half of all Syrian refugees are children

* In terms of the EU, most refugees seek asylum in Germany

* Germany aside, five other EU countries receive more asylum applications than the UK

* The UK has pledged to take in 4,000 Syrian refugees a year for the next five years

* Germany has said it can take in 500,000 refugees a year for the next few years

* The German city of Munich saw 8,000 refugees arrive in the city in one day alone last Saturday

* Sheffield Council has pledged to accommodate around 50 refugees