Women more tempted to cheat on partners during World Cup

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IllicitEncounters.com, which provides a platform for married people to conduct affairs, has released the results of its ground-breaking World Cup Survey uncovering the hidden effects of the World Cup on your relationship.

The results should provide a wake up call for all football fans as the World Cup gets underway; thousands of so called ‘football widows’ are flocking to join-up and look for a extramarital relationship as the world cup frenzy is leaving them feeling neglected by their partners.

The website, which has over 900,000 members in the UK has reported an average of a 67% rise in female activity since World Cup fever swept the nation; the surge of new female member sign-ups further spiked during England’s 2-1 loss to Italy on Saturday.

The World Cup survey revealed a startling amount of the new female members classed themselves as ‘football widows’, and the top reason they were now looking for an affair, was down to feeling neglected and deprived in the bedroom.

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Mike Taylor commented: “Whilst the World Cup cannot be blamed for the breakdown of a relationship, there is no doubt that like Christmas and family holidays, it can highlight existing problems and bring underlying tensions to a head. Scotland has proved that by not qualifying, relationships are happier and men are reporting having more sex while women feel their men are being more attentive. Meanwhile in England, almost the exact opposite can be said whilst their team are away in Rio.

The World Cup is again showing that women are not content with coming second in a relationship and are realising that if they are feeling neglected, they can use a site like IllicitEncounters.com to find someone that will give them what they are looking for.”

An even more worrying thought for football fans is that 72% of normally faithful women would consider having an affair if they felt neglected during the World Cup. This could be made even more likely with a huge 83% of the men surveyed admitting they would lie to their significant other to avoid spending time with them so they could watch the football.

However we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the World Cup: 12% of men surveyed were willing to forgo sex for a year for tickets to the World Cup Final. There was good news for Juan Mata, despite the terrible result for Spain against the Netherlands, he was voted the player most women would like to cheat on their husbands with, and despite her husband not even making the England line-up Abby Clancey snatched the most desirable WAG title from Shakira.

The survey also revealed the most unfaithful football fans with French fans taking the trophy for most adulterous, followed by Italy and Brazil with England again being closely beaten by the German fans who took 4th place.