We’re gunning for past - SLIDESHOW

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HISTORY was brought to life for children across the region - when a Civil War battle was re-enacted in the grounds of a castle, and a stately home was transported back to the Victorian era.

Cannon and guns were fired, swords were drawn, and men on horseback went head to head in ferocious battles at Wentworth Castle, Stainborough, Barnsley, to help turn back time to the 1600s when Civil War raged.

At Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire, meanwhile, visitors got a feel for what life was like when Queen Victoria was on the throne. The event was also organised to mark the launch of a new exhibition featuring never-before-seen documents and new black and white photographs of the Sitwell family, who have owned the hall for 400 years.

The Sealed Knot Civil War re-enacment society organised the event at Wentworth Castle with a ‘living history’ camp and battles on Saturday and again yesterday.

Around 250 members of the group took part in on-field action, based on research which revealed there had been Civil War fighting at Tankersley in 1643.

And while Wentworth Castle itself did not see action its owner, Sir Gervase Cutler, who owned the pile when it was known as Stainborough Hall, was later killed at a siege at Pontefract Castle.

Event organiser Liz Wright, from Rotherham, said she was delighted with the turnout to the weekend event.

“People of all ages find something they enjoy at these events - whether it is the spectacular battles or finding out how people lived years ago by visiting the living history camp, where people have the chance to handle things and find out how they used to work.”

Heather Tiffany, aged 36, who took her two children to the event, said both were ‘mesmerised’ by the experience.

“My children are three and five and they were both fascinated by the battle in particular,” she said. “It seemed very realistic and, combined with the atmosphere created by people wandering around the place dressed as they would have been years ago, it made you feel you were stepping back in time.

“My son enjoyed it so much that as soon as we got home he got his castle out and began lining up all his soldiers to do battle!”