Revealed: the perfect girl

Jessica Ennis-Hill.   Picture Bruce Rollinson
Jessica Ennis-Hill. Picture Bruce Rollinson
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If you’re a 5ft 6ins tall nurse who loves a roast dinner then grab your coat - because you’ve pulled in Sheffield.

The vital statistics of Sheffield blokes’ ‘perfect girlfriend’ have been revealed by a new study, with everything taken into consideration from her music taste to her bra size.

Weighing in at a slim nine stone, Sheffield’s dream girl is a 34D cup who enjoys rock music and supports Manchester United.

She quaffs white wine, has no tattoos, drives a Mini Cooper and speaks with a good old Northern accent.

The search for the perfect girlfriend was conducted by location-based dating app Lovoo, which surveyed 2,000 men on their taste in women.

When asked which celebrity most resembles their perfect girlfriend, Kelly Brook was Sheffield’s top choice, followed jointly by the city’s own Jessica Ennis-Hill along with singers Pixie Lott and Cheryl Cole.

Like other Brits, local blokes would like to date a nurse or a teacher with brown hair. She should wear make-up - but only subtly - and dress in skinny jeans or mini skirts.

And one of the most important things of all is that this wonderwoman gets on with the other top woman in his life - his mum.

Benjamin Bak, founder of Lovoo, said: “It seems that Sheffield men have very specific tastes for a girl to live up to.

“We know that everyone has a favourite hair colour and sometimes even eye colour and height.

“But we think avoiding a woman because she might support an opposing football team or enjoy a different genre of films to you might be being a bit too picky!”

After all that, the survey revealed three quarters of single men questioned didn’t think they will ever meet their perfect woman and will have to compromise instead.

With a list of demands this long, it’s no surprise.

The perfect girlfriend:

* Brown hair and blue eyes

* 5ft 6”tall and 9st

* 34D

* Northern accent

* No tattoos

* Works as a nurse

* Likes rock music

* Loves football

* Supports Manchester United

* Eats roast dinners

* Meat eater

* Drinks white wine

* Favourite TV show: Coronation Street

* Favourite film: Star Wars

* Drives a Mini Cooper

* Enjoys reading, eating out and travelling

Jessica Ennis-Hill is among celebs who most resemble perfection