Redundancies figure wrong

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Sally Turner (No way to run a public service, Feb 11) claims that SYPTE failed to budget properly and is making 30 to 40 redundancies and is doing so ‘on the cheap’.

She is quite mistaken. SYPTE is not making 30 to 40 redundancies but reported to the Integrated Transport Authority that the number of posts in the organisation will be reduced by 30 to 40. But these will not be redundancies as many have already fallen vacant and will be deleted. In other words through natural wastage.

This process has been going on over 18 months as the organisation prepared for a budget cut and so has been carefully managed. We anticipate there will unfortunately be a number of redundancies. The number has to be determined as negotiations continue with unions, however it will be nowhere near 30 or 40. Posts which are being lost are largely not to customer facing frontline staff. Nor has the management tier grown over the past several years.

Our redundancy terms are benchmarked against other public sector organisations and are neither cheap nor overly generous.

David Brown, SYPTE

Director General