No sweat as Sheffield duo set up hot yoga business

Hot Yoga's Anne Marie Gordon (left) and Koreen Clements outside their premises in Commonside.
Hot Yoga's Anne Marie Gordon (left) and Koreen Clements outside their premises in Commonside.
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Looking hot has never been so easy thanks to two Sheffield yoga enthusiasts who have gone into business.

Anne Marie Gordon and Koreen Clements know that when it comes to exercise, there is nothing quite like building up a sweat.

That is why the pals have gone into business together to give Sheffield’s its first hot yoga studio.

Classes involve flexing moves on the mat in a room heated to up to 40C, cleansing the body through sweating and allowing for deeper stretching.

The craze for hot or Bikram yoga has swept the globe in recent years, but until now the nearest studio to South Yorkshire was in Manchester.

After teaching at different venues across the city, the pair decided to set up their own studio due to huge demand.

Anne Marie said: “After moving from New York and completing my Hot Yoga training in 2011, Koreen and I met.

“Being the only two qualified hot yoga teachers – that we knew of – in Sheffield, we decided to combine forces and began teaching together.

“While we have built a steady client base over this length of time, not having a space dedicated mainly for hot yoga was challenging.

“Along with creating the ideal heat conditions, having a space that is just the right size is very important.

“Many of the spaces were too small or too big to heat.”

Work began on the Commonside studio in November and was completed in January.

The ladies are now teaching 20 classes every week – and interest in the art of hot yoga is continuing to grow.

Anne Marie said: “It’s nice to finally see our dream taking shape.

“We look forward to teaching at Sheffield’s first hot yoga studio for years to come.”

n For details on classes, visit Hot Yoga Sheffield