New digs for a lotta otters

Nuri, Short-clawed Otters, at Otter Springs at the Tropical Butterfly House
Nuri, Short-clawed Otters, at Otter Springs at the Tropical Butterfly House
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Here’s an otter with a lotta to shout about...

Nuri the short-clawed otter is celebrating a move to a special new ‘Otter Springs’ enclosure at the Tropical Butterfly House in North Anston.

The development is home to Nuri and pal Raiden – and is expected to wow visitors now it’s opened in time for half term.

Zoo manager Andrew Reeve worked with the park’s owner, construction team and animal keepers to design an exhibit that would be both spectacular to look at, and provide the best possible environment for the otters.

Previously ‘Prairie Dog Camp’, the exhibit has been completely re-landscaped for its new residents.

A waterfall runs from the highest point to a large pool at the front, there are heated indoor quarters and grassy wildflower areas have been incorporated as the otters are semi-aquatic.

“The front of the exhibit is set several feet below ground level, allowing a fantastic viewing experience for visitors,” said Andrew.

“Glass panels run down one side of Otter Springs, providing the opportunity for incredibly close encounters with these naturally inquisitive animals.”

Short-clawed otters are the world’s smallest species of otter and in Asia is classed as vulnerable due to habitat loss, pollution and hunting.

Animal trainers at the park intend to train Raiden and Nuri for an Otter Encounter show. A timetable of talks and shows already takes place daily with owls, lemurs, snakes, parrots and meerkats.

Events take place daily for half term until March 2, from 10am to 5.30pm.