‘Jumbo’ lamb born at farm

Massive lamb born at Cannon Hall Farm.
Massive lamb born at Cannon Hall Farm.
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A lamb the ‘size of a labrador’ dog has been born at a South Yorkshire farm - much to the shock of staff.

Cannon Hall Farm staff posted a picture of the whopper whippersnapper on their Twitter page asking, ‘Is this the biggest lamb in the world?’ after he was born on Thursday.

They say he weighs around 15 kilos - triple the normal weight of a lamb at around five kilos.

Already been given the nickname Jumbo.

Julie Nicholson, from the family farm in Cawthorne, said: “The lamb is basically the size of a labrador dog!

“When it took its first drink from mum it lifted her back end up, that’s how big the size is.

“The mum did part with it quite easily which was surprising.

“When we saw it next to a labrador I just thought, ‘Oh my God’.”

The news of the large lamb also attracted comments from visitors who follow the farm online.

Woolly Bike Trail wrote on Twitter: “Wow, he’s going to be one brilliant wool making machine.”

And Kate Wood added: “That made my eyes water.”