Youth rocks Timm’s new musical ideas

Young The Stone Roses by Timm Cleasby
Young The Stone Roses by Timm Cleasby
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HE is the Birdwell lad who oversaw the Arctic Monkeys rise from teenage wannabes to global superstars.

Now Timm Cleasby - who tour-managed the band from before their first single up until 2010 - has turned his attention to a somewhat different musical project.

The now professional band photographer has set up a sideline specialising in snapping young families in classic rock star poses.

Think a 13-year-old recreating the front cover of Whatever People Say That I Am, That’s What I’m Not but with a lolly instead of a fag; or four siblings covered in paint, a la The Stone Roses. One features Timm’s own daughter Ellie, 11, and a friend pretending to be Sid and 

“I wanted to move into family portraits but by offering something completely unique,” says Timm, who set up The Picture Foundry with wife Sam after leaving the Arctics to spend more time with his family. “The vast majority of my experience when it comes to photos is doing bands so I just thought combining the two would work well.”

So far, it has.

The kids like dressing up. The parents like to see their offsprings aping their heroes. And Timm, who trained at Stradbroke College some 20 years ago, reckons working with children is far easier than working with musicians.

“Let’s be honest,” he says while taking The Diary through his portfolio, “rock stars are just big children anyway. At least with kids you don’t get the attitude.

“The parents come to me with a theme and then we discuss until we have a specific picture idea.”

And he reckons the collection - which also includes an Abbey Road image - will eventually make for a popular exhibition.

“People seem to like 
them because they’re seeing something which maybe reminds them of their youth but reimagined,” says the 42-year-old who lives in Wales, Rotherham, with Sam and their three children.

He should know what works.

A previous exhibition, held at The Civic in Barnsley, of pictures taken while on tour with the Monkeys was a hit.

But is this latest project, The Diary wonders, just parents projecting their own passions onto their children?

Timm pauses for a second.

“Absolutely,” he says. “But what’s wrong with that? We do it every day. We try and introduce our children to the things we love. Generally, they don’t listen but you try. I think there’s worse things to get your kids into than The Stone Roses.”

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