When life is one long party, thank heaven for the internet - and good neighbours

Karen Bird,party planner, reveals her last four buys
Karen Bird,party planner, reveals her last four buys
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What has you reaching for your purse? We want to know! Time flies so fast for Norton Lees wedding planner Karen Bird, shopping for work and family is done online.

Karen Bird puts the special into events. She’s a bespoke wedding specialist and party planner.

The mum of two, 45, owns Sheffield’s Kurly Bird Events and as if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she’s also part of local swing singer Paul Pashley’s management team.

“The internet is great for finding the best prices and it’s convenient,” she says. “But I’m so grateful to neighbours who take in the stream of packages that always seem to arrive when I’m out.”

1. Tiger drum kit, £135, from Tiger Music via Amazon

My son Sam was four recently. He is always singing and dancing and tells me he is going to be in One Direction when he’s older, so we decided to buy him a drum kit for his birthday. People think we are mad and they are probably not far wrong, however, it’s fantastic to see him enjoying himself and he seems a natural. Lessons may have to be a future purchase.

2. White manzanita tree, £25, Wholesale florist

I’ve used manzanita trees for lots of wedding clients. The trees come in various sizes and look lovely. A bride who recently got married at Ringwood Hall Hotel hired one from me so that guests could attach personalised messages written onto the wooden name tags I had made for their place settings. My old one was looking tired so I bought this new version.

3. Snakeskin pumps, £12, Next Clearance

Like most women, I love shoes and handbags. I think accessories can make an outfit. I managed to treat myself to these shoes, which amazingly are as comfy as they are stylish and versatile. I wear them for casual days with my jeans, or add them to a smart, dressed-up outfit for when I’m meeting clients or networking around the region.

4. Be My Bear packs, from £5.50 each, www.bemybear.com

My daughter wanted a Build-A-Bear party for her seventh birthday. But as parties are my area of expertise, I thought I’d organise my own version. I found these DIY packs, which contain the bear ‘skin’, the stuffing, a birth certificate and a little star that goes in the bear’s tummy. The children had great fun making their bears - and I didn’t have to buy party bags.