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I am writing to let the tenants and residents of Hackenthorpe, Birley, Newstead and Weaklands know that they are no longer represented by a committee acting on their behalf.

Also the tenants association funds, accrued through the tenants’ levy, have been given to a management company instead of a local charity.

Having resigned from their posts the three officers of Hackenthorpe and Birley Tenants and Community Association then chose to dissolve the association.

This was against the constitution, which states that the organisation can only be dissolved by a majority vote at a special meeting of members.

Further to this the officers chose to send the members’ funds, of more than £8,000, to Sheffield Homes.

This again breached the constitution, which states that any assets remaining should be applied towards any charitable purpose for the benefit of the communities within the area.

Sheffield Homes is not a charity.

The remaining members of the committee will in due course arrange a special meeting of members so that the dissolution of the Association can be properly discussed.

We hope Sheffield Homes will return the members’ funds and a new committee can carry out the aims and objectives outlined in the constitution.

Without an active community association, the area will not be able to work on the issues tenants are concerned about or be able to organise activities to improve the area.

It is important members make the effort to attend the meeting to ensure the organisation continues its worthwhile work.

Maureen Edwards, Hackenthorpe Resident