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Moscow born Kristina Kovyda, who came to Sheffield Hallam to study for a masters in 2012, has just landed her dream job in UK fashion - as global sales manager for Thorpe Hesley-based designer brand Andrea Billard Lingerie

“My style has changed since I moved here from Russia,” admits Kristina, 22.

Kristina Kovyda, of Msocw, is finding a taste for British style

Kristina Kovyda, of Msocw, is finding a taste for British style

“English fashion is eccentric and romantic: Russian fashion is about conservatism and refinement - and women wear sky-high heels 365 days a year, even in the snow and ice,” she says. “I combine the two countries. But while I love having lots of clothes, I hate spending hours in a shopping centre,” she adds. “The decision-making is exhausting. I prefer browsing online stores over a cup of hot chocolate.”

1. Ankle boots, £80, Karen Millen

I bought these gorgeous boots on the Internet. They were in the sale. I know £80 is still expensive but Karen Millen is very good quality. I couldn’t resist them. They are very high. I do not have a lot of shoes with high heels because of comfort, plus I am very tall and I don’t like to tower over people. But surprisingly they are extremely comfortable to wear.

2. Lingerie, normally £162,

I’ve just started working for Andrea I thought I should wear the brand! I bought this set because I like the strong fashion look created by the black and white. Lingerie for me has a special place in my wardrobe and I buy it very often. These are pure silk designer pieces; the balcony bra should have cost £106 and the knickers £56, but I got an employee discount!

3. Dress, £65, Dubai

I bought this dress from a shop called Met when I was on my vacation in Dubai with my parents last month. I had wanted to find something interesting to wear for Oxford Fashion Week. I will be visiting this event as Andrea Billard Lingerie is participating. This dress is exactly what I wanted to find for this day - it’s dramatic and elegant I think it has a spring mood. I love it.

4. Handbag, £50, Massimo dutti, Dubai

This small and stylish bag is for work. I chose it because it matches my new ankle boots. Recently friends told me I wore too much black and my clothing was quite gloomy. Since then I have made the effort to wear more colourful clothes and I have noticed a more positive effect on how I feel. Even when I need something conservative, I now avoid black and opt for navy.