Time for tea? Get out the china with the flesh-eating flies

Lianne Mellor
Lianne Mellor
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She is known for producing china tea pots, cups, sugar bowls, cake stands and other crockery featuring quaint, Beatrix Potter-like illustrations of British wildlife.

So, it was with some surprise Sheffield homeware designer Lianne Mellor received her latest commission.

The 26-year-old has just completed a range of fine china featuring not bunnies and badgers but six of the world’s deadliest insects.

The unusual collection – which includes mosquito, flesh eating fly and chagas beetle – was ordered by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. It will give the china to visiting lecturers and dignitaries, as well as selling individual items as merchandise.

“It was an unusual commission but really fascinating,” says Lianne, who runs Mellor Ware from studios in Exchange Place Studios, Exchange Street, city centre. “The thing about these insects is they are so deadly but up close, they’re actually rather beautiful.”

Indeed, they range has gone down so well, the school has now ordered a six more featuring poisonous snakes.

“Do I think people will want to eat angel cake from a plate with a flesh eating fly on?” ponders Lianne, of London Road. “I think so. I like to think I’ve illustrated them nicely. It’s not like the plate is going to bite you, is it?”