The Diary: Just one second - family video becomes big internet hit

Ant Clifford
Ant Clifford
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It is a family video shot through 2013 but now, in 2014, it is proving an internet hit.

Father-of-four Ant Clifford filmed one second of footage of domestic life for every day of last year before compiling the finished clips into one continuous six minute (and six second) movie on YouTube.

In it, we see the 39-year-old, wife Caroline and their quartet of boys, aged 4 - 11, doing everything from celebrating birthdays to enjoying a holiday and going to Tramlines. There’s also the usual day-to-day stuff which characterises any family life - meal times, bed times and shoving the youngest about.

Now the short has won interest after being placed online.

“I started this because it seemed better than taking photos,” says Ant, MD of Creative Stream web marketing agency. “I’ve been surprised by the reaction since I stuck it on YouTube, though. I think it’s struck a chord with people wanting an innovative way to record their family growing up. It helps you see the changes you don’t notice at the time. And with four lads there’s always something going on.”

Now, he plans to carry on the project - possibly until the four lads leave home.

“It’s fun to do,” says Ant, whose family live in Granville Road.