TECH TALK: Why I love the new iPhone 6

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I’m in love...with my new iPhone 6, writes Marisa Cashill

I didn’t upgrade to the previous iPhone 5 so the fingerprint recognition is new to me and was my first favourite new tool.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

I have spent lots of time playing around with the camera and its slow-motion feature - see a great example on my Twitter account @MarisaCashill.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch Marisa’s demonstration of the slow-motion video in action.

The iSight camera now has 1080p HD 60fps for video and a time lapse function, there There is improved focus and exposure control for stills and I can now snap away and view them back on my larger screen.

I am eagerly awaiting camera accessories to use with the camera lens.

The phone is thinner and has smooth and rounded edges so feels nice to hold, and although it’s definitely bigger it doesn’t hinder.

That said the larger screen is also better for browsing.

I haven’t noticed an increase in battery life as I am using the phone all the more trying it out but it certainly is faster. While out and about I’m getting more coverage for 4G too so I can update my Facebook friends with my life details every five minutes now.

The sleep button is now on the side of the phone which helps operating one-handed.

IOS 8 is also quite a good operating system.

I have installed the new update to eliminate the bugs and I like the new predictive text function, QuickType.

My phone has not bent in my back pocket yet so that’s an added bonus.

Apple has responded to claims that its iPhone 6 Plus new handsets are prone to bending by saying such damage would be ‘rare’ in normal use.

They said just nine customers had claimed their devices bent.

In a statement the company said the handsets had been constructed out of ‘anodised aluminium, which is tempered for extra strength’ and also feature stainless steel and titanium parts to reinforce the areas of the phones likely to experience the most stress.