TECH TALK: Smartphones handy for Christmas shopping

Smart way to shop for Christmas gifts is on your smartphone.
Smart way to shop for Christmas gifts is on your smartphone.
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Using a smartphone to do Christmas shopping is more popular than ever, after research revealed that nearly nine out of 10 shoppers use a mobile device to do just that.

Research by mobile commerce firm Weve shows 88 per cent of smartphone owners used their mobile as part of their Christmas shopping last year, with each user on average spending around £250, meaning almost £4 billion was spent on mobile around Christmas 2013.

And it discovered 70 per cent also used the web on their mobile device to find inspiration for gifts.

The findings come as major smartphone brands announce and release their latest round of new devices, with Apple having announced a new payment system called Apple Pay, which will enable users to make purchases in-store by tapping their phone against a paypoint. The technology, to become active in early 2015, is called Near-Field Communication and already exists in some Android phones.

It replaces a card and pin entry, with encrypted payment methods stored on your smartphone going directly to the merchant when triggered at the till.