Tech Talk: Smart Thermostat app turns up the heat

Tado Smart Thermostat
Tado Smart Thermostat
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Munich based company tado have once again turned up the heat on its competitors by announcing its new generation Smart Thermostat.

This sleek new unit now connects to 95 per cent of heating systems through its smartphone app.

Along with supporting over 5,000 different systems it has many other new features, including an LED-matrix touch display for direct interaction.

With the touch of a button the screen magically comes alive and shows the home temperature, yet its minimalist design blends into every living room.

The slim device works automatically in the background to save energy of up to 31 percent.

The geo-aware app senses when the last person leaves the house and automatically turns down the heat to save energy.

It adjusts the temperature based on your location so as you head off home from a day out of the house it turns the heat up so your home is already warm and comfortable for your return.

The device has integrated the weather forecast so it knows to put the heat on low on while its sunny, and you can access a report from the app to keep an eye on how its working.

Remotely it can check your boiler and give you error codes if it isn’t functioning properly, and even provide do-it-yourself repair instructions.

It replaces existing thermostats and no external cabling is needed, and is available from tado website direct as well as retailers Maplin, Dixons, Amazon, Homeserve, Curry’s, PC World and many more for £199 or to rent for £4.99 a month.