Tech Talk: Sheffield getting ‘gigabit’ broadband

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Sheffield is one of four hyper-cities to receive Fibre-to-the-Home gigabit broadband from Hyperoptic who have reached near 75,000 homes, across 480 sites in the UK, writes Graham Walker.

The UK’s leading provider of Fibre-to-the-Home broadband, Hyperoptic, has revealed that Sheffield will join the next round of ‘hyper-cities’ to get it.

It’s an award-winning gigabit 1,000Mbps broadband.

Joining Sheffield will be Nottingham, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow, all chosen for the hyper-fast roll out based on demand and the number of residential developments in each city.

Residents from each new hyper-city, interested in having access to the UK’s fastest broadband service in their building, are encouraged to register their interest online today.

The announcement of the new hyper-cities comes as Hyperoptic reveals it will soon reach nearly 75,000 homes, across 480 sites in the UK, with a target of half a million homes by 2018.

The rapid increase is largely due to a huge rise in demand from Brits, who have taken control over their need for speed at home and registered their interest for service via the company’s website.

The growth of Hyperoptic has been further accelerated by an ever-increasing number of Hyper-champions, residents who campaign for gigabit speeds within their development.

Dana Tobak, Managing Director, Hyperoptic, comments: “Our mission is to provide a true fibre infrastructure, which empowers residents to future-proof their online lives. In today’s age, broadband should be an enabler, not a hindrance. A fast, consistent, dependable fibre connection is now essential for entertainment, socialising and work.

“With symmetrical gigabit speeds, you can be guaranteed that you can enjoy the best of what the internet has to offer. As a result, the reception to our products and services has been phenomenal. We remain committed to expand our footprint and availability across the UK; which is why Sheffield is next in line to have access to gigabit broadband speeds.”

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey adds: “Government is fully aware of the tremendous contribution that companies such as Hyperoptic are making to the UK’s Internet industry. Cutting-edge technology is the foundation for growth and innovation and today’s announcement is fantastic news for Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham.”

Hyperoptic is changing the face of broadband in Britain today. Whereas the majority of ‘fibre’ providers claim broadband speeds ‘up to’ 76Mbps, the fibre actually stops at the cabinet, leaving residents to guess what bandwidth they might actually receive and when. Hyperoptic installs its full-fibre broadband directly into a property development, which enables gigabit (1,000Mbps) broadband speeds. The company has already launched its market-changing gigabit broadband services in London, Cardiff, Reading, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds and offers a choice of three speeds; 1Gig, 100Meg and 20Meg.

Working in partnership with developers and building management companies to install its true fibre infrastructure directly into their buildings, Hyperoptic already has partnerships in place with a number of forward-thinking property developers across the UK, including Barratt London, St George and Regis Group plc.

Innovation has been a key contributor to the success of the business to date. When it first launched services, Hyperoptic targeted developments with 80 units or more. Today Hyperoptic is able to install services to developments as small as 50 units, making gigabit speeds a reality to many more residents.

Hyperoptic is the UK’s leading Fibre-to-the-Home provider, delivering a quantum leap in online connectivity. Its hyper-fast gigabit symmetrical service is over 56 times faster than the current UK average, and 10 times the speed of its nearest competitor.

Hyperoptic works with freeholders, developers, property managers and residents to bring its award-winning services to residential and business developments, providing an unrivalled connection that increases the attractiveness of each property. It aims to have its hyper-fast service available to over half a million homes by 2018.

Founded in 2011, Hyperoptic received a £50m investment in May 2013 from Quantum Strategic Partners Ltd, a private investment vehicle managed by Soros Fund Management LLC.

The company was named ‘Best Superfast Broadband’ provider and “Best Use of Digital’ at the 2014 Internet Service Providers’ Association Awards,

“Most Innovative Provider 2013” by Broadband Genie and “Best Urban Network Enterprise” at the NextGen 12 Challenge Awards.