TECH TALK: Kevin Spacey launches starring role in Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Kevin Spacey in Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Kevin Spacey in Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare
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Call Of Duty is back and, this time, it boasts Oscar-winning House Of Cards star and movie legend Kevin Spacey in its lead role.

Further blurring the line between games and films, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare features a fully-motion captured, impeccably animated Spacey taking on the role of Jonathan Irons.

The multi-million selling series has traditionally boasted sales of 20 million copies upwards for each instalment during its Modern Warfare era, but the latest entry hits fast-forward, featuring a host of futuristic war-torn locales from the year 2054.

It is almost certain to be another huge success, writes Alex Evans.

Taking centre stage in the title’s story, Spacey’s character is the leader of Atlas Corporation, a powerful private military corporation with ambitions to restore order to the world after a devastating attack has smashed traditional forces.

Spacey, who was motion captured using a range of monitors and body-tracking, helped shape the game’s story. Spacey said: “With this, I really had to take a leap of faith, because they hadn’t written it yet. They wanted me to be a part of developing it, and helping guide them through this new terrain of storytelling.

“I’ve taken my experience to help these guys not to fall into traps, so the character doesn’t feel like lots of other characters. A little humour doesn’t hurt either. But I was also attracted by the idea of this character being able to reveal and underscore the fact that private military companies are getting too much power.”

The gameplay itself has been overhauled, in no small part thanks to the addition of ‘exoskeletons’. These futuristic metal contraptions allow players a range of powers, such as to jump 20ft into the air, dodge in different directions, and scale environments.

It promises to add a completely new dimension to run, cover, shoot gameplay. Weaponry, too, is inspired by its near-future timeframe, handing players an arsenal ripped straight from a sci-fi movie as well as the usual favourites.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, £59.99, is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.